Brio's story

Brio Coffeehouse was created by wedding photographer, Rodney Cool, owner of Aesthetic Life Studio. The original dream was a small coffeehouse attached to a photography studio. The idea for the coffeehouse was to pay for the additional expense of the storefront. Brio became so much more.

In February 2017, Rodney started calling storefront owners in Waynesboro, PA. In March, Rodney and his wife, Janelle found 2 E Main St. Originally built as a bank in 1905, with original penny tile floors, 14 foot ceiling, arched windows with stained glass, marble accent walls, and a vault, this charming, one of a kind location stole Rodney and Janelle's heart. There was one problem, though. The studio would not fit. So plans changed, and instead the plan was for Aesthetic Life Studio to use it as a meeting place for client meetings, but the overall use of the space would be a coffeehouse.

Little did Rodney and Janelle know the demand Waynesboro, PA had for an authentic coffeehouse. A place for friends to connect, businesses to meet, and new friendships to be created. Also, a coffeehouse that creates handcrafted drinks where quality of the process and ingredients are top priority.

While Aesthetic Life Studio isn't directly connected to Brio, the studio still has a major presents. In fact, if you look closely at Brio's logo you will see that it's actually a camera lens. The word Brio was inspired by Aesthetic Life Studio's name and mission. Aesthetic Life Studio's mission is to 'Capture the beauty of Life'. Brio is italian and means vigor, liveliness, spirit. It can be used as a synonym for life.

Brio's mission is to bring life to Waynesboro and everyone who visits us. Whether that is bringing someone back to life with a great cup of coffee, or by providing a place to build business and friendships.

Brio offers so much more than coffee! Make sure to check out our expansive menu below, and make sure to look for even more items to be added soon.

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